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  • Fast and easy Internet "Reputation Management" for just $499/year.
  • Read reviews, see photos and videos posted on major OTA's.
  • Review posts about your hotel on Facebook, Twitter, Citysearch and Yelp.
  • See every new item about your hotel from blogs, newspapers, and magazines on Google.
  • Use this information to address problems before the next guest arrives.
  • Evaluate your posts and reviews with our easy-to-read stats and graphs.
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The reputation of your hotel may be your most important asset. In the age of Web 2.0, your guests are able to tell the world about their experience. Great managers should know their past guest's comments so improvements can be made and a future guest's experience can be the best possible.

Hotel Guest Comments .com monitors guest reviews about your hotel on all major hotel reservation sites and keeps you informed. As well, see guest videos and photos being posted online about your property.

At Hotel Guest Comments .com, you can also enter the names of your five main competitors and read their guest reviews. Additional features are being added frequently.

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"The cost of is truly amazing compared to what we have been paying for your competitor and quite frankly the benefits, the resources, intel on the competition and the data..."More >> D.F. in Orlando. Her hotel is one of 40 in their group

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